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A Sentence is Worth a Thousand Words

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Flash Fiction Is Too Long
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If you're a good middle-class Amer-I-can, then you know that these days books just aren't practical. How are you going to fit the new Harry Potter in between VH1's Best Week Ever, microwave burritos and gospel aerobics? You aren't, plain and simple. And if you're like me, you know that flash fiction is for those assholes in creative writing class who write about prostitutes and gay high school kids because they think post-modernism still means something. So what does that leave to satisfy your need for a little bit of fiction to get away from the nagging horrors of your empty life? One-Sentence Fiction! That's right, the future is here and is free for now, so get in on it while it's still hot. Besides, any story worth telling can be told in one sentence, anyway.

1.)If you're going to be funny, don't just try and fail.

2.)No run-ons. I think fragments will probably be okay, though.

3.)Titles are okay.

4.)Dialouge is fine, as long as it doesn't mean two sentences.

5.)Have fu-un.

If I think of more, I'll let you know.

6.)Oh yeah, don't be really mean to people either, that just kills everyone's buzz. If you feel like you must correct grammar or something, be nice about it.

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